What is a “sprint” enduro?

Sprint enduro is at least two test, a cross test, woods test and in some cases, a MX test.
A cross test consist of a fast flowing 2-4 mile grass track which may also include some MX and or woods.
A woods test consist of open flowing 2-4 mile woods section, which also may include grass or MX sections but is consist mostly of woods.
And in some cases, the MX test, a test mainly of natural or man made MX course
Each test will be run multiple times accumulating times for an eventual winner…fastest times win.

Like most things in the dirt bike world, it started with a crazy idea. A conversation well over a year ago about enduro formats, the direction of off-road racing and the desire to evolve along with it. Looking at European examples and national ISDE qualifiers, along with break through series like J Day and Full Gas we clearly saw a trend. There is a desire for more open off-road events that are the exact opposite of extreme enduros. No bark harvesting tight sections, no obstacles or gnarly hill climbs to cause bottlenecks, just a rider vs a clock. We realized, the days of woods riders being unable to ride faster than 24mph and motocross riders objecting to riding in the woods are passing by. A “woods test” and “cross test” style event has something for everyone as the rider base becomes a 21st century hybrid that can do it all. So it was decided, a sprint only enduro series was the product we would offer to the rider base.Our conversations continued as this idea started to gain momentum. With our years of experience as Arcadia Bark Busters members promoting the Kenda Northeast 24 HR Challenge, we know how import it is to evolve and adapt. We also knew that promoting a new series would stretch many ABB members too thin, it was too big of an ask. We would start a new and separate organization while staying onboard with ABB. This is when Full Tilt Sprint Series was truly born.Going forward, there were things we needed that were critical for success; knowledgeable members, good promoters, youth classes and at minimum a title sponsor.The first part was fairly easy. Everyone we approached was incredibly excited when we pitched the idea. We gained officers and board members with years of experience in enduro, hare scramble, Mx and GNCC.We knew the promoter aspect may prove a bit harder, as we are asking them to take a chance on us in our first season. We reached out to the largest and most well run series in New York, NYOA. Explaining our vision to them, their were gracious enough to approve affiliation. This simply allowed us to be able to work with any of their promoters that wished to work with us. We also worked around their schedule as our goal was never to compete with them. We’d like to thank Chip Mann and the rest of NYOA for hearing us out. We also pursued other promoters outside of NYOA. We definitely have a good mix that should keep the riders interested.For our series (and the sport) to succeed, we were firm on youth classes. It’s absolutely critical that we offer a family friendly atmosphere and a youth portion of our event. As with any class, safety and fun are the goal. You want riders to be smiling at the end of the day. In this case, you also want the parents smiling.We are fortunate that Evans coolant saw our vision and signed on as our title sponsor. We appreciate Chris Sebas and Evans for jumping on board with us. Currently we also have D&T Graphics and Budget Racing supporting us and we are thrilled to have them.Going forward, we envision our series being all about rider experience. We are excited about the interest thus far from a diverse rider base. Our long term goal is to continue to evolve with the sport and eventually host a National. For now though, we just look forward to putting out a great product for the 2021 Full Tilt Sprint Series.